Friday, July 22, 2016

I committed air (prop) guitar to "Blaze of Glory"

I have a skeleton hand-themed back scratcher (1). The other day I found myself air (prop) guitaring with it—as in miming along to the instrumental with the scratcher as a guitar (2)—to "Blaze of Glory".

It's such a hair metal song—is it even metal?—but also so very awesome that I think air (prop) guitaring with a skeletal themed back scratcher looks most-metal.

I am a child-to-teen of the '80s and man of the '90s (3) and that song is imprinted on my high school mind.

Hooray for personal computers (4), VCRs and music television.

(1) For more details see footnote (1).
(2) The irony being that my fucked-up skeletal parts of my hand,s along with trembles, means I can never play an actual guitar. It's also painful to play a keyboard unless I play two-finger because I cannot touch type nor play a piano with all the fingers. Thanks, body and injury.
(3) As '90s man I had a beard, pony tail and wore flannelette. The latter not because it was fashion but because the shirts were seven dollars from Woolwoths. 
(4) For me that includes pre-internet. So old.

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