Monday, July 11, 2016

I am Harry Tuttle

The character Harry Tuttle from Terry Gilliam's movie Brazil lives in a futuristic industrial bureaucratic dystopia. He's a heating engineer who has gone rogue and is heroically fixing things. He sees a problem, nips in, fixes it, then dashes off.

I spent my entire weekend fretting after realising a problem I'd been alerted to weeks before was way bigger than I realised; that it needed to be fixed now and refined later because we could not provide what was needed until the fix was complete.

I got in, got the jobs I needed to done, then with three websites and an excel spreadsheet, put the fix together and sent it off—begging forgiveness for acting than being bogged down from input.

I told people what I had done after the fact; but they were cool with it.

I am Harry Tuttle.


UPDATE: I chatted with IT peeps and realised I'd asked for way more than I needed; I didn't have to worry about case-type, for example. So I have to revise the Tuttle. But it's better to have Tuttled than not Tuttle because to not Tuttle is to not care. And I care too much to do that. It also turned out all the back-end admin I'd been doing had fixed the hole I'd been worried about. So is that a reverse Tuttle? I'm not sure. Anyway, the important thing is that I fixed it; fixed it good and hard.

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