Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I am a golden god

With thanks to Almost Famous.

I had to vet a client's brief and saw that the core strategy document that underpinned it was missing.

So I emailed to ask for it. Sheepishly she called to say that document had not been started.

It was a hole and I was a hole filler so I volunteered to do it for her.

I bashed that fucker out in under 30 minutes and pinged it back for feedback; I saved her hours of work. 

Later I texted the ex-boss who taught me how to write strategy documents to humble-brag and to thank her for the knowledge and she replied to say those skills were already there.

That was nice of her to say and it fitted with her tradition of total niceness—she took a broken person, fixed him up and skilled him up as well.

I have all these phat skillz thanks to people who cared enough to teach me and now I'm ready to put them to use in the GLF.


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