Thursday, July 28, 2016

GLF—where Mikey takes a tough question and considers the state of his dress

I've been blessed with support for the GLF which included a sit down with a professional recruiter for my trade.

The first question she asked was why I wasn't higher in rank.

I told her that it was the work that held my interest and that I chose to remain at my level because I got to do coalface work—even if that work came at a physical and mental cost because of that low status. She said my problem was I thought and acted strategically but I had to deal with tactical types and the uninformed; hence the cost. That I needed to get higher if I wanted to be heard and to deliver outcomes my way.

Later, I had an escorted trip to the shops to get some dress shoes and consider to suits—suits! For if I am to GLF then I need to suit up—literally.

So bring on the GLF and I'll meet it face-to-face in my snazzy new duds.


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