Monday, July 11, 2016

Delayed blast fireball

I never had an occasion to use a delayed blast fireball, but they sound nifty and I can see the appeal. 

I had a trigger pull earlier but it didn't blow, fire or manifest until after the daily bike ride where I had thought about the triggering event and as I got off it all blew with a crump—I had re-traumatized myself.

I had to grapple with logic and was rightly counseled that I'd feel different later. Now I am dealing with the physicality of shaking hands, body tremours, crying, anger and of course, snot.

How could we forget snot? My people are ugly criers. 

So the trigger got pulled and now it's fired. I've had meds and I'll ride the anxiety out with CBT and other wellness tools. It's already tapering based purely on the lessening of snot flow. 

A sniffly WFTW.

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