Friday, July 22, 2016

Cushions; cats with seven less lives

A cushion lives to show one side at a time. So if you ruin one side, for example, from seep through you can flip it and show the not contaminated view.

But you only get the one extra go. 

So it's underpants and PJs from now on when on the IKEA seat cushion as bought by thewife.

Stupid IBS flare; timed nicely with the back strain and anxiety, thank-you very much. 

At least the knots on the cushion that held it to the chair were easy to untie. With my shaking hands and lack of fine dexterity it could have induced a HULK SMASH! of a flip out. A flip out immediately followed by a HULK HURT BACK MORE! and HULK SEEK APPOINTMENT WITH CHIRO; IT EMERGENCY!

You just had to hope he'd gone Banner by the time he rolled up for his appointment; but don't crank him up with bad back-cruncher bedside manner or HULK THROW TINY BACK MAN THROUGH DRYWALL.

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