Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vote 1 Jesus Christ

I was furtling down the parkway, dark bats swooping low around me (1), when I went past a series of political corflutes, the most prolific of which were the Sex Party's which promise to bring back the fireworks (2). 

Then there was the "Vote 1 Jesus Christ" sign. Now I presume that's a promo for the Christian Democrats or similar-ilk but it did get me wondering that if Jay C manifested to run for office that it would be likely his views would be decidedly Bronze-age and not in-line with our post-Millennial needs. He should get that; he's why we're post-Millennials. 

I support a large part of his platform—loving one another, for example—but his overt divine religiousness is a problem for me and his current support for all ten of the commandments, in spite of some clearly barking-mad stuff still in there, would likewise dissuade me from voting for him.

Though I would be curious as to his views on the environment, separation of church and state ("Give unto Caesar") and mass-transit (3).

(1) There were no bats; I was in a Hunter S mood.
(2) As a person with PTSD who can be easily startled into acute fight (slash) flight needless to say I am against The Sex Party on bringing back fireworks. That and the fireworks don't just happen on firework night—cock-spanks light them off in public places after dark in the weeks following the big firework days we used to have in Canberra—such as the Queen's Birthday. At this point I must now confess that thewife and I did exactly that; lit off fireworks in a public park at night weeks after the official firework night. We used an old thick wooden park sign from our old University as the base to launch them from. On the first fireworks night in Canberra I got drunk and let off fireworks whilst still holding the firework, a monstrously stupid thing to do. I quite rightly condem past-me's casual and unsafe use of fireworks and I should be held up as an example of what not to do. I also nearly set fire to the next-door neighbour's house when a parachute firework, that launches then drops a plastic soldier that floats down on a plastic chute, because the chute caught fire and the soldier landed on their roof. Fortunately, the roof was tiled and no embers from the fire-shredded chute drifted to potential leaf-blocked gutters. No to fireworks!
(3) That said "undo" instead of "unto". I fixed it. Delightful error.  

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