Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Two triggers pulled

I survived the day of abdominal torment only to have two triggers pull—from an email convo and a chance in-person meeting.

Though I threw myself into work, once I was done, such as waiting for the bus or on it, I spaced out. I spaced out on the walk from the bus here. I spaced out as I said hello. I am spacing out as I type.

I'm okay; I'm not emoting or emotional, but I have lost myself again for chunks of time.

I have to ride the exercise bike—the place where I can space out safely because the physicality of riding overrides the physicality of distress—and I'll probably space out there. 

I have TV to watch; that will help—as will the Valium I took 20 minutes ago.

A double-trigger pull; it's rare, it happens but it could be way worse.


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