Monday, June 13, 2016

Thanks, Queen

I'd like to thank the Queen for making today possible—or Queen Victoria; one of them did it.

But I'd be willing to give this day up if we were a republic instead and would not expect a replacement just because we're down a day for the switch-over.

How un-Oz is that? Being willing to give up a public holiday to become a republic? I'll tell you how un-Oz that is; reverse un-Oz because I love this country so much I'm willing to progress it without the archaic dross holding us back.  

(holds fist aloft for Australian republic)

Still, I'm not churlish, so again thanks to the Queen for the day off.

I'll sign off with that classic the Queen-themed "...panegyric..." from The Sex Pistols: "God Save the Queen" (1).

And you can't not have "Anarchy in the UK" after listening to that—to do so would represent a complete loss of control and order (2). 

I spent the weekend afflicted with IBS and only came good at lunchtime. So another thanks for the day to recover; that's from one throne dweller to another.

(1) No dust on the actual Queen herself. She didn't choose her path but rawked the snot out of it—and a a young woman during the war she volunteered on the home front, hurtling about in a jeep and putting herself at risk. She's the monarch with the mostest.
(2) Some cock-spank was pitching "how to make money online" on a YouTube ad before Anarchy kicked off. Hilarious.  

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