Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sweater vest inside out

I got a new, slinky sweater vest from thewife, this one thin and soft as a cheek's caress. 

It's thin enough that I didn't notice the seams running either side of me today as it was worn inside out—tag jutting out from the side of the vest. No one said anything because the seams are so tight that the only give away is the ... actually, now that I see it that is a big fucking tag.

How did I not notice that?

Because it's so slinky; that's why.

Sweater vests; armour for those with the collar of white (1).

(1) While I wear collared shirts they are never white—and I won't wear a tie. It's psychologically and physically uncomfortable to do so. I had to get used to going into interviews and starting out explaining my attire—"Before we start, a quick note on me. I have to wear sneakers because of my feet and I can't wear a tie due to a fat neck". Yep, that's how I opened my delivery; no wonder I never got a call back.

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