Monday, June 20, 2016

Slipped right past the keeper

I'd been on a slow burn for days when it came bubbling out on the drive to work—my stressors and strains. I ended up in the lift, still crying, next to a colleague. I apologised for the tears, told him "one got past the keeper" and that "mental injury recovery is not linear". He was kind and understanding—and he let me talk my way to calm as he walked me to my desk.

Still jittery I had a Vallium then threw myself into work, fixing, building, editing, tweaking. I was over the worst of the emotion before the V even kicked in.

I hate that mental injury recovery is not linear. I loathe that one day I can feel I will never again be brought low but then I get brought low. 

But those moments are less often and the extremes less too. I went from a state of distress to my usual 1000 per cent state of flying hands and juggling jobs in under an hour. 

So mental injury recovery is not linear. But as time passes, you do heal and the hurts are less.

Recovery WFTW.

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