Monday, June 13, 2016

Pulse shooting wounds but cannot kill

The latest mass shooting—which occurred at the Pulse nightclub in Florida in the US—is a chart topper. Yet another psycho motivated by hatred went and shot up a peaceful place—and you can't get more peaceful and Zen than a gay night club.

These monsters with small ideas and big guns lash out and destroy lives. 

But they can't destroy communities and they cannot destroy a country. They wound it, they hurt it; they cannot destroy it.

So fuck them. Fuck them and their mini-bouts of acute terror. I hope the stories that will come in the days ahead focus on the heroes of the day or on the lives of those lost and not on the turd that did it. The stories I'll read will be of the brave people who shielded others when a fuckwit armed to the teeth tried to slay progress and peace.

Those brave people; they're America and the Americans I know—not that fuckstick with the guns. 

I felt for Obama when I heard it; the sheer weariness the issue holds for him. That he keeps having to respond again and again in the wake of a mass shooting.

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