Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oh, (expired God name)

I was raised in a church-attending household, Anglican, and religious-themed cursing was occasionally used. Even now, a firm atheist, I'll occasionally bellow a "JESUS CHRIST!" if the moment deems it appropriate.

My guts are roiling with post-movement pain, at least there was movement (for the word had passed around), and I've munged pain meds. Nonetheless the occasional spasm will break through the pain barrier and, sure enough, "JESUS CHRIST!".

It's funny the go tos we go to when it comes to reflexive swearing.

Sometimes when Jesus appears in my cursing he's on transport—on a bike!—or is undertaking unusual movement—hopping Christ!.

Well, if he exists I hope he's my co-pilot because in this pain soaked day I need all the assist I can get—even the placebo kind. 

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