Wednesday, June 01, 2016

(Not Responding)

I know in part it's because the computers we have are old but fuck me I cannot stand getting the constant "(Not Responding)" popping up.

I'd like to "not respond" with a bat in a paddock.

My mum used to trill at me "a poor workman blames his tools", but then she came to computers in middle-age and only then understood the irritation a dodgy PC can induce. 

She said it once to me when were playing tennis and I got shitted off with my ancient piece-of-shit wooden racket from the '60s while my winning opposing brother had a modern metal and nylon fibre effort. I stand by that "shit tool" reason then and I do now. 

It's funny the child hurts we carry—and I carry so very many.

But then they made me resilient for when the time truly came that I needed resilience.

So it's WFTW in spite of her.

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