Wednesday, June 08, 2016

No reports of fording needed

As part of pain (slash) anxiety management I have to brief my next-one-up on how I am travelling. In the past few days I've had to give a mood report of "cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms; fording on."

Today, no warning needed—anxiety and pain both within tolerance. I bashed out a report then flew into site rebuilding and then there was a flurry of tweaking, saving, publishing, noticing something else, editing, tweaking, saving and publishing until bus time came. 

Sure, my IBS wasn't great—but it wasn't crippling. While I had the occasional mini-space out I didn't get trapped for long.

On the way out the door a friend was heading to her car and I got a lift to the main bus stop instead of having to transfer and enjoyed a catch up with someone I treasure.

These are the days I need to remember when it's not going great; that days like this can be had and had yet again.


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