Sunday, June 12, 2016

I used a tool!

For all I've my life I've had a poor grip, but made worse for injury and medication. 

So I don't like using tools. 

As I child, and sentenced to an all boys private school, I wasn't even allowed to use tools because I worth sneakers due to lower leg pain and therefore was not dressed in safe attire.

I spent my lessons cleaning off grimy tile with industrial grease down the back of the industrial arts shop instead of actually building stuff. For the most part, I did get allowed to do the occasional thing.

But I don't like tools or using them but yesterday I used a battery powered drill to take screws out of an un-needed padlock hinge.

It worked first go. Hooray for me, a notorious cyborg, using technology to do very basic tool use—something you could probably teach a magpie to do.

But then I am so riven with self-belief a minor feat like basic tool use is a real buzz for me. 

Ego; it's a ravenous beast. 

Also, due to the nature of my shed being occupied with temporary items I've had to write this blind, with the keyboard on a cardboard box, facing into the unknown without seeing the screen, then coming back to edit it. There's a lot of mistakes. But yay for being able to do that as well.

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