Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Crested the rim

My Queen's day long weekend of IBS was not done with me. In spite of it I made it into work ... only to go again after I crested the rim with an explosive follow-through.

That's a major red flag. 

It sucked because I rarely take codeine and the buzz had just kicked in as I prepared to leave work. So I could have stayed, pain-wise; I just didn't trust my arsehole.

So I am back, munged up with meds, my raging abdomen-cached torment of pain spasm reduced to background screaming. I feel empty but it's just for now; it will come again.

These are the tribulations of being packed with mental and physical disads (1). But, I got a tasty brain out of all of this—a brain set to maximum wellness (for others)—so the sacrifice is worth it.

Besides, it's not like I chose my body. It's the one I have and it's built for battle—it's been battling since it drew breath and will continue on until it can no more.

Self-acceptance for the win.

(1) Disads, or "Disadvantages"; a role-playing game reference to negative traits you can take for your character to give you more building or generation points to spend on key vital statistics like intelligence, skills and positive traits; short, fat, and multiple illness-afflicted would earn a player character some hefty building points. As a Game Master I'd rule me out as a character; too many disadvantages to track in play.

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