Thursday, June 02, 2016

Air-raid shelter

I keep industrial strength earmuffs in the shed for when my anxiety is up and I can't take loud noises.

I have to flee here sometimes if there's a dispute on in the house. 

My anxiety was at a two on entry; it's about a 0.8 now. Hopefully I'll get the all clear to come back in.

I don't panic when these moments come; I just extract myself with a minimum of fuss and tool up in the shed. As if the air siren had gone off (1) and off I trotted to a public shelter deep underground—the best of all protection from bombs during the 30s and 40s—and I wait for the all clear.

These moments come, and then they go. This is now, but soon it will be then.


(1) In real life a loud siren blaring would trigger fight (slash) flight. My era-appropriate avatar is presumed not afeared of mental trauma. 

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