Monday, May 30, 2016

Well it was a nice day for them to carve up a tree

With thanks to the pleasant weather of a Canberra afternoon

After an epic cook off the lingering side-effects are fatigue, increased IBS and susceptibility to fight (slash) flight. Loud, unpleasant noises, for example, are hideous and may trigger a subconscious panic that I have no logical control of and I have to sometimes just run the fuck away. 

It was a hard day of brutal, withering administrative reality and I tapped out early. Only to come home to two men, two doors up with two chainsaws, a giant tree and a wood chipper. Noise makers not good for Mikey.

I armed up with wax ear plugs overlain with my industrial strength earmuffs as I untangled the two metres of headphone cable so I could watch TV aboard the exercise bike with ear phones on and with the earmuffs over them. Glasses, sweat and the double cover on the ears made for an unpleasant experience but I could hear TV and not at all hear the sound of chainsaws or the chipper.

By the time I finished the ride aboard SoTPC, they'd finished for the day. I presume them back on the morrow to keep going because it was a monster of a tree. 

I hope they are finished by the time I get home.  

UPDATE: They did the tree in the one session. Thank fuck.

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