Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Third ping

I sent a third ping as per one of my three, six and 12 month goals upon re-spawn. I got a ping back—another faint one but a confirmation ping nonetheless.

It felt good to have fired another shot into the dark. 

I spent the day carving up PDFs and converting some of them to Word to meet accessibility. Sometimes there's a preceding text, sometimes you have to rebuild it. I lost my day slicing and dicing then writing and uploading. It was toil you had to think about—due to the aging computer system I have to build hyperlinks in Outlook then paste the links into Word. Because to try and insert a hyperlink within Word itself is to cause your document to hang and force a re-boot.

Even with the annoying work-around it was useful, needed toil and I felt useful and needed doing it. 

To be useful and needed gives purpose and working with purpose is the best kind of work there is.


UPDATE: Third ping failed, as did the others. But, to have tried—and to keep trying—is a goal in of itself. It's like that recent bit (spoilers) from Game of Thrones

Jon Snow—"I failed."

Onion Knight—"Good, now go out and fail again."

So I'll go out and fail again. 


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