Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The rust flaked off but it still worked

I've been working long enough to have been involved in a tender process. 

Let me stress how horrid it is to be involved in a tender process—writing it, reading it, vetting it, whatever it is the process sucks brass door knobs. Which I imagine would be both difficult and irritating to suck.

I got chucked into prepping a document from a panel of providers and the rusted-old tender skills, honed over that short span of my career where I had to be involved in a tender, kicked in. The document proved not that troublesome—touch wood—to turn around.

I had flashbacks, man, to it—the tender process, from the before ago. It was just nasty. That entire tender process. Long and nasty.

If you have a chance to avoid being part of one, then kudos. That being said, if you get stuck in a tender you do pick up mad skillz doing it—and suffer hideous, hideous stress. Boring stress, too—not the fun stuff. Just hideous, boring stress.

(body trembles at the tender recall).

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