Monday, May 09, 2016

The IT equivalent of hosing out a dead shut in

I settled back into a long labour of fixing a massive page of weblinks—each link broken and dated to a time of using a different content management tool. 

Clicking on a link took you to a busted re-direct, but looking up a link's properties allowed me to check the original site it was going to to check if it was still going. About 50 per cent were not—that or the information had changed and the link needed to go somewhere else. 

Even though it was labour and concentration intensive it was useful work—and I got my detective buzz on when I had to hunt down better or more recent links to replace some of the old.

How lucky am I to work in a white collar wonderland and spending my days in useful e-toil? At the end the page will no longer be the fetid after effect of a shut in's corpse mouldering but be lovingly restored to usability.

Useful and engrossing workeven if boring—is still useful and engrossing.


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