Friday, May 27, 2016


About eight years ago we moved south. Since my north-side video shop—by then having transitioned to DVDs—was no longer to be used I adapted my video barcode key tag to be a "property of" tag instead. I printed off in a small size font my name, two phone numbers and an email then put the sticky label over the top of the now defunct barcode which the video shop used to zap when I took out a DVD.

Just in case I ever lost my keys.

I got a call from the café to say I'd left my keys there just as I reached my desk. It's a 500 metre round trip to the place of yum so with a weary sigh I chuffed off to reclaim them.

Once again past-Mikey stepped up to the plate and delivered for now me thanks to his recycled taggery. I am constantly astonished at his foresight, fortitude and forbearance.

I know, speaking of past me in the third person is a tad grandiose.

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