Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Not pretty; effective

There's an old line of "I'm not pretty but I'm pretty effective". That's me.

Today, without realising it, I walked through the outcome of a successful Mikey attempt to improve his work environment. i was so engrossed in thoughts of the day I was on autopilot as I walked from the lift to my desk. So it was my foxpod colleagues that alerted me to it being done and, once informed, I rushed back and saw.

They'd cleaned the carpet.

There was a giant fucking stain outside the kitchenette on the long walk to our desks and due to the lighting you could see it about 20 metres out. 

It looked ugly and made our environment ugly.

So, fuck it, I put in a request to get it cleaned—using the name of a senior person on my floor and noting the presence of VIPs that come along the passage. I hoped that would be enough justification instead of having to wait for annual clean in the distant late of the calendar year.

And they cleaned it. They cleaned up the horrible fucking spot and now the carpet looks just scuffed and worn instead of scuffed, worn and hideously stained which, with the latter, is a slippery slope to it becoming a crack den.

Okay, so that's an exaggeration.

Having a clean, safe, well-lit work environment is critical to workplace well-being. Yet just a few of us actually put in the effort—often
in the face of opposition—to bring improvement or even basic rectification to our workplaces.

I call such people workplace warriors. I am one; I've been one since the beginning.


UPDATE: With the carpet dried the stain is still there—but barely discernible where before it was glaring. So it's yet another win and, unlike Trump voters, I will not tire of winning.

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