Tuesday, May 24, 2016

No earth shattering kaboom

For years I've thought I'd been a possible cog in a cultural shift. I felt pretty good about myself. 

But I never knew for sure. An opportunity came to flat-out ask someone if I had been a cog and they said I was not.

I held onto thatthat I was a possible coglike you would not believe.

So I lost it. I lost that feeling of having been possibly cog-awesome. Oh sure, I'm still awesome. I'm just not the possibly cog-awesome person I thought I was. I feel like Schrodinger after he opened the box and found a dead cat. All these years I lived with the potential of the yes and now I deal with the reality of the no.

I told thewife about it on the ride home and she reminded me that have always been awesomeeven if I was not the cog-awesome person I thought I possibly had been.

Feeling cog-awesome was awesome and I want that feeling back.

It's a reality burn on me. I just had to know and now I know it's a no; noooooooo!

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