Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I kept calm and carried on

Freshly wounded from administrative reality I dwelt in a place of distress. This morning was hard, trying not to focus on said reality, and instead focus on what I was doing before—fixing broken webpages.

Because while the admin rolls along I am determined to do the best for as long as I am where I am. 

So once I logged in I kept calm and carried on, laboriously bringing content over from to-be-killed sites to populate new pages but also applying treatment for correct standard and accessibility. Good, solid, useful work you can lose yourself in.

I also fixed an IT issue and got a win on the building improvement front; keeping hot water and chilled water on until evening instead of close of business because some people work late.

I have doubts and I have worries. But there is no doubt I worry for others and that worrying—and rectifying—gives me purpose and function.


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