Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Community meetings meets the sounds of sadness

I've done a seasonally adjusted Punxsutawney Phil and emerged into doing things again—especially at night. Just getting through a work day intact and not end it riven with fatigue has been the initial challenge but I've gotten better so I am back out of my comfort zone—but with a friend—doing in the community stuff.

Only the meetings are held in a pokie palace and when the door is open you hear machines pinging off with their win tune—or whatever music it is they've engineered to make sad people throw their money away. One of them is a steam whistle from a fucking train.

It made me laugh more than once after someone said something with suitable gravitas, or even not at all, and it was then followed by the steam whistle noise of choo, choo!

But that is the landscape such community events are held within. And I have to confess being able to nip out and get a drink and then back come in with it was an added plus.

Community engagement for the win. 

UPDATE: I forgot, I gave myself a speaking role. I promised the group three minutes and I went under. I was concise, I was wry, got a laugh and I had no appreciable impact. Hooray for getting the fuck back up!

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