Monday, May 23, 2016

Big day

It was a big day. A big, exhausting day. 

I had a pit crew meeting. While it was an anxiety-riddled event I got praised for good work—that I was an asset respected for his gumption and talent. It was nice to hear. I know I'm awesome but it's far more awesome to have someone else say it than me. If I say it I just sound like a tool.

Post meet I ached in the tum and my body was sore. But then I lost myself in the monastic-like work of going through the mega page of links, a rat king of broken HTML hook-ups, link-by-link, to repair each I could, and euthanise the ones I could not. It's a project spanning days and I only just got halfway through the alphabet. 

Then it was home time and time to away with two buses taking me to near my door. I  managed to read on the bus and it wasn't until aboard SoTPC that I mulled over the pain-riddled parts of the past hours. That's okay; aboard an exercise bike is a healthy place to do it since your body is in thrum with a machine and anxiety is held at bay by the physicality of the exercise. The trick is letting it go when the ride ends—and I had to ride another kay and a bit before I could trust myself to dismount without brooding further.

So it's WFTW. Exhausting, haggard WFTW but WFTW nonetheless.

Onward and fucking upward (crawl, crawl).

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