Thursday, April 07, 2016

Too positive for a sad session

I was all set for my first session of EMDR trauma therapy, but it had been so long since I'd seen my psychologist we ended up catching up instead. We discussed all the positives I've experienced since we last spoke. 

The chat was so wellness-infused we didn't get around to the trauma therapy; we begin next session.

How awesome is that? Don't get me wrong; I need to do trauma therapy. It's just that it was delightful it got bumped because the interview with the previous guest, Joy, ran way over time.

Seeing the world through Wellness Vision™ is a remarkable thing; it sure beats the shit out of dank, dark and grim.


UPDATE: This morning I threw up after days off work sick. I instantly felt better and went to work. Naturally, I told people. One person's reaction was "it's too quiet and not as fun when you're not here."

Now that's a compliment. Hooray for antics!

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