Saturday, April 02, 2016

Adieu to the last Ronnie

I watched The Two Ronnies with my family as a kid and I fully loved Ronnie Corbett. Plus, he was short, funny and wildly successful—a fact my mother pointed more than once. She had a fixation about my height and was forever prompting to say it was okay I was short when there I was, cruising along, not giving it a thought until, that is, until she came along with her appalling attempt at social engineering me to achieve shortness acceptance—which, by the way, I already had. 

That she was right, that I ended still short but succeeding beyond mortal comprehension, in no way diminishes the hurt I felt when she banged on about it. 

I should, however, note I disliked being a short person in a tall family—in family portraits I look like the dip in a graph that shows the impact of the Great Depression. The worst part was being stood over by my taller family members who had no idea what it felt to be stood over by a taller person. And in inevitable spats, sometimes violent, that was a factor as was my hurt and anger after I'd been stood over once again. 

Anyway, enough about me and losing focus about celebrating the recently deceased life of Ronnie Corbett, a master fucking comedian. Just a master.

For the full show of from where the above clip came from see YT, Graeme Norton S15E05. For the scene of Corbett getting sprung doing coke in the toilets at the BAFTAs see the Extras clips put up at The Daily Motion.

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