Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A good trigger and illumination

On the front of the website was a trigger for me, a reminder—though positive—of past pain. Positive in that its presence was a win, a pain for the memory of my involvement in it. 

Then, in a lift, I discovered they'd replaced dead halogen lighting with LEDs, something I've fought for since LEDs came on the market. Finally that feedback was taken on and actioned.

As I was reading Hawaii I came across a line, and I am paraphrasing here, but the gist was "the inevitable requires action". As in something may appear in retrospect to have been inevitable but that glosses over and negates the action required to make that inevitability actually happen. 

So it may have been inevitable that LED lighting would replace halogens, but I fought for it over several years through different channels and now it is actually happening. 

I am internet Gandhi; I am the change we want to see in the world. 

I felt that today. I felt it seeing the website with the trigger, though with a positive view, and I felt it looking up and seeing the cold light of LEDs glowing soft in place of wasteful, stupid halogen bulbs that have a lifespan of weeks to a year—if you are lucky—against a decade for LEDs. 

Fighting to support people and improve conditions of service is what I do—and, yes, fixing light bulbs fucking matters. Because if you walk into a building with half dead lights you feel neglected and sad and that impacts on reputation, performance and wellness all.

Yesterday, at the peak of the horror walk to my desk, I was telling myself I was in a moment of high emotion and that soon that high emotion will pass—difficult logic to accept in that moment of gulping panic. This morning I walked cheerily to my chair then got to experience a trigger in an almost vaccine-like manner and then my handiwork of a lift car bathed in soft, low energy light. 

Yesterday was metaphorically dark; today was metaphorically, and literally, light.


UPDATE: One lift car complete; two more reported. Super WFTW.

UPDATE2: Five cars done. I'm only reporting the cars that have halogens die so it will be interesting to see how they get on now I'm tracking their lifespan. I also found out from a friend a building got all their lights upgraded to LEDs—something I fought for. It's finally happening—technocracy for the win!

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