Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Tralfamadorian times

Psychological injury doesn't let you forget. Try as you might, you will have a space out where you're back there, re-living trauma, like a Tralfamadorian would.

D— asked how I was and I talked about forwards, back and now and it was all hard, every direction. The conversation lay on me like a shroud and I went for a walk to fight it off.

Then I got back to my desk and back to site re-building. Once I worked out how the site nav worked I bashed the re-vamped site into shape. Tomorrow I battle-test links and port over more content.

It's healing work, to build, shape and create how information is accessed and presented.

But I'm on limited hours so I had to leave. I caught a loop bus to get me to the centre then from the centre to home. It meant over 100 minutes to dwell and try as I might I spaced out.

Atop SoTPC, where it's the safest place of all to space out, I spaced out there too. 

After a shower, and a short catch up, I was able to push it away and hang out with theboy, committing fully to the moment with him.

Tomorrow the healing work continues. My future is ahead, the past is behind.


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