Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sad face lunchtime experience

It sounds like a shit band—and not just from the un-clever name.

It was ready to eat. The chicken kebabs had been sliced from their pole prison to sit on the salad and rice. It looked fucking delish.

Then I knocked the container from the bench I was sitting on and it fell face down on the concrete path.

If I'd thought about it for a few seconds I would have torn one half of the box and used it to scoop the dirt, food, leaf muck combo into the other half but I didn't—I used my hand. Then I had to dump the grotesque loss of food, wash my hand, then return to the food queue—this time for a small bucket of chips because I couldn't bear the heartache of trying to have what I had again. 

I told the food service peeps what happened and they gave their commiserations. One of them sounded like Arianna Huffington which proved a nice surprise when she said "Hey, well, you know, these things happen."

I kept expecting her to say "Seth" to me as if she was an SNL person doing Arianna at Seth back when he was Weekend Update host. 

I only ate a third of the chip bucket contents before I chucked it, eating just enough of the compact fried potato to dial back the hunger before returning to battle. It felt good to be once more sculpting this and refining that—making things pretty where they weren't.

I admit I was fucked off when the food fail happened, I may have even yelled with exasperation when it occurred. But I forgot about it until now, apart from an e-grouse to thewife, when I decided to write about it.

So yay for bouncing back from a shitty start to the week and a shitty hump day of a lost lunch. My phaser is not set to being phased.


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