Friday, March 18, 2016

Nailed it

Oh there were omens before hand. My regular glasses died just as I put them on following the shower—fortuitously I had a back-up pair—and there was a bird-filled dark sky riven with red as I arrived. Then I found a heart-shaped earring of metal and glass that lacked its hook, it seemed so lonesome and symbolic I pocketed the find. So if you followed magical thinking's way you'd think I was doomed to fail.

I didn't fail. I stepped up, did my in-the-public thing, and even though I didn't win I still fucking nailed it. I was washed in post-performance after-glow, enjoying the rush of having actually gotten out a practiced piece in public coursing through me. Later the conductor passed me in the corridor, clapped me on the shoulder and gave me a hearty congrats on a job well done. 

So, fuck me, I did it. I got the fuck back up and did it. Not only that, I fucking nailed it.

I think that calls for a triple WFTW.

(bows deeply

UPDATE: I was worried I'd gone over the five minute threshold and thought for about 15 minutes I had and I'd fucked myself over on a technicality. But I checked the recording and realised I didn't start until 30 seconds in. Phew! I would have hated to have thought I lost on a technicality. The person who won was fucking awesome and deserved the kill. I wish them the best for the regional quarter semi regional final regionals. 

UPDATE2: Remembered finding that earring; rule of threes, had to add it in.

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