Wednesday, March 23, 2016


With thanks to The Simpsons.

I went full hummingbird, getting stuck into two tricky bits of trickery and knocked them out of the park before lunch. Then, in the PM hours, I re-aggregated some tasty info then put up new templates, leaving a careful note in the master file explaining what I'd done. 

I made sure to take mindfullness breaks, pausing outside the ribbed concrete kitchenette and before the chairs, round table and window and stretched my neck side-to-side while focusing on breath. Then there was windmilling of arms front and back. But, fuck me, it was a rush to just get stuck into it.

Full-time and kicking it. I've knocked a three month goal out of the way with my six and 12 month goals next.

I'm surrounded by love and support and the work I do is meaningful, engaging and important—you can't ask for better than that.


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