Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Champing at the bit

I'm mad keen to be back to full-time hours, to be free of the limited time so I can really knuckle down at work.

Don't get me wrong, I am not going to burn myself out again. I have set a decent, achievable pace and baked in breaks for mindfulness recharge. But the having to down tools then drift away an hour and a half before the bus home feels like a waste—though I use the time wisely with plenty of reading material and conscious CBT to keep the space outs at bay.

I hate that I have to consciously slow my typing speed. I type noisy and fast, that's just how I roll, and to slow down feels like going 40 kph in an 80 zone. But my clickety-clack style is distracting for my foxpod comrades and I've a duty of care to not give them the irrits.

Once my super quiet keyboard arrives—I am starting an admin process to get one—I'll be able to type at full Mikey power. Which, with a normal keyboard, involves loud punching of keys countered by the different click of the rattling backspace key as I inevitably make a mistake then backspace to try again.

I've already used a spare office for when I needed to crack out at full power in advance of my whisper quiet keyboard's delicious anticipated arrival. 

I blissed out on building a history web page, ratting publications and websites for imagery and copy and taking immense pleasure at clicking through the publish sequence to see the results. I re-aligned the front page of my org's site so quick-clink icons are in immediate view for a standard monitor because I was conscious that a user needed those things more than they needed the strategic vision that was in the prime view spot. It was delicious, delicious I tell you!, work to do and I felt of worth in the new gig. Calico, I know you're watching so I want in. 

I pinged the author of the bulk of the content to thank her for her efforts and she gave me additional content to chuck in. Together we made a beautiful thing. 

That's just super, terrific WFTW.

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