Monday, February 15, 2016

This job has worked [0] days since the last accident

Recovery from psychological injury is not linear—it goes down and up and down and up and up (you hope). 

I had an angry cry on the way to work and we had to pull over. So since my return there's just been a single day where I haven't cried either before, during or after. 

But it got better. I still made it in. I had a walk, I worked, I walked, I had lunch, I worked, I had a chat with a friend, I got picked up and I rode SoTPC.

There's more irritating admin ahead but that's also just another part of recovery from injury.

At least I'm recovering. I'm nowhere near back to normal—each day is a struggle—but soon each day won't be a struggle and only some days will be. Then only some parts of those days will be a struggle. 

And then I will be well.


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