Friday, February 05, 2016

Stealth mode to activate

I'm a two finger typer and I have loud finger fall. It's from youthful use of computers—and typewriters—back when you really needed to punch down a key.

So I sound like an old-timey telegraph operator when in full typing fury.

No one worried about the noise until now but I'm new in an existing area and it's irritating for them. And I get it—I could see how it would be irritating to me if I was not the cause of it. 

I chatted to some nerd pals and found there's a mechanical-type keyboard I can get that will reduce the noise. So I have made enquiries about getting one and I'll have to take it with me from job to job.

In the meantime I will just have to consciously type more slowly to prevent the rapid rattle click I am accustomed to issuing forth.

Then, when I get home again, I can go hell for leather and be as loud a typer as I want.

It was a big week; a big, brutal week. But I had lots of love and support and was given time to acclimatize. Eventually I'll be back to full efficiency then I'll pass then surpass everyone else.

I'm Mikey; I get there in the end. 


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