Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lawn fire

In one of my assessments I once joked that I was out of the frying pan and onto a nice piece of lawn. In that my then workplace was grouse and supportive.

Then the lawn caught fire. 

But with support I activated a process and am in a new role, area and building, It's going well. I feel useful, constructing this and fixing that.

To celebrate an admin win I furtled off for a victory strut with my Mp3 playing "(Nothing But) Flowers". I'm ever watchful for WHS issues and as I strode outside I saw someone teetering along the path in stiletto heels whilst texting. I stopped and watched until she made it to an all concrete area, wincing a number of times as she came within a fraction of stepping off onto soft grass—a full on potential ankle-turner. 

She made it and on I strode.

On the way back I saw a step outside that needs fixin' so I took a photo of it so as to report it to the building maintenance people.

Even on a strut I'm still looking out for people.


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