Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It wasn't today but it will be soon

There's not been a day since I returned to work that I have not cried—before, during or after. It's part of the journey of return after psychological injury. 

I had one outside cry after an anxiety spike, having escaped the building before the tears came. It was a nice day for it and eventually thewife talked me down to nearly normal and I returned to battle.

One day there will be a day where I do not cry—that's also part of the journey—and that day will come soon.

thewife made me up stamp-sized notes of positivity for my last job. I ringed my monitor with them, affixed with bluetack. But I packed them away when I packed up my desk.

I told D— about them and he ordered that I reclaim them and ensconce the notes on the new monitor at the new desk, a bulwark against the dark waves for when the dark waves come.


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