Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Escort at the ready for Mikey assist

When I was picked up off the discard pile back in 2013, having had to leave a former role, I ended up teamed with a fellow evacuee; his exit so brutal he'd moved interstate. 

We were available talent within our organisation, free agents with mad skillz ready to use until new permanent roles had been found for us. The person who picked us knew he'd picked winners—not in the schnoz sense—and got us both to work on assorted projects that needed doing. And we did the snot out of them, in the metaphoric sense, then eventually accepted permanent gigs in new locales.  

D— and I became fast friends and D— became one of my Mikey e-pals who I email amusing thoughts to when I am inspired to do so.

D— was worried about my return to work and touched base to see how I went. When he heard day one had gone total tits up with a terror bolt from a nowwhat?! he demanded to assist. 

So he'll escort me in, have at my computer, and remove any offending objects that will cause upset. 

I've had an incredible career and met incredible people. How fucking lucky am I to enjoy such support and love from incredible people like D—?

So that's double WFTW. I needed help and help came asking.

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