Sunday, February 14, 2016

Daw, what a nice surprise

One of the more fucked things about recurred anxiety is hand tremours (slash) finger spring. That's where your hands shake and your fingers sometimes spring open of their own accord.

It's annoying, especially when trying to pick up—and still hold—small objects like pills.

I'm a middle-aged man with psychological injury and multiple disabilities and so I have a fuck ton of pills. To fill the weekly AM and PM dispenser is exasperating.

I went to get a coffee, basically admitting I'd just have the morning head pill—that's the main one—and fuck off the horrid re-fill task until tonight when I saw not only was my pill box fully-filled but there was a special cup set aside with pills for this morning. 

What an awesome Valentine's Day surprise treat (1)—a fully-filled pill box that I, tremble man, did not have to fill.


(1) This, on the other hand, would not have been a surprising treat.

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