Saturday, January 16, 2016

Voice of a god (not "the God")

With thanks to Groundhog Day.

I was on the hunt for why the router kept dropping out and in the end determined the most stable combination of phone and router was the router plugged into a splitter box but with no phone sharing the splitter box. 

Which is annoying. We keep a landline A) for ADSL2 and B) for 000—an ambulance can't find where a smartphone is but it can find an exact address from a landline.

So this combo means there's no point having a landline phone if it's going to knock your internet out. I am going to have to teach theboy to plug the phoneline into the splitter box before dialing 000 otherwise it's not going to work if one or both of us goes unco and he needs to call the amboes.

In the process of testing the best combination at one point I used my iphone to call the landline to watch the router to see if any of the green lights went red.

As I spoke to myself into the landline and into the iphone I heard the results of the speech in both devices, one held to each ear. It sounded like a god would sound should a god manifest and start gabbing with humans without dialing down the god part of their voice control and accidentally shredding the pure mortals in 30 feet or less.

It was pretty kewl.

In a recent assessment I was asked if I had feelings of grandiosity.  I answered "Well..." implying a "Yes, but...". The assessor did not seem impressed at my answer. I said I was an unusual person who had done unusual things and I wasn't a normal and therefore the grandiosity statement deserved the ellipsis. 

The assessor was still not impressed.

thewife had warned ahead of time to dial back the the acute self-belief. That while I may logically be able to convince people I am a superhero in all but actual supernatural ability to attempt to do so with medical people is fraught with peril. So it made for a difficult encounter, knowing I mattered like no-one else but having to suppress that part of me for the interview because otherwise I could, without that critical background, sound batshit nuts.

For those kidz out there, with their music (shakes fist), you might not understand this trope but, when depicting then institutionalized people (1), popular culture like movies, TV and comics used to show at least one person in the mental institution setting with one hand tucked into their shirt and staring into the distance because that depicted Napoleon, one of the most earth-affecting peeps in world history. The hand-in-shirt was a visual shortcut to depict a nutcase with delusion of grandeur.

The danger was, if I attempted, was achieving the verbal equivalent of that infamous gesture of hand-insert-shirt.

So I had to dial it back, and tried to soft explain the "...", but I am not sure I did it justice. Oh well, I guess I will find out. 

Recovery and WFTW.

(1) Once upon a time incapable people with mental illness lived in mental hospitals. They got booted out in the '70s because it was thought family care plus rigorous meds (equals) same care level plus savings for no hospitals. It did not work. That's why 50 per cent of people in jail have mental illness—they should be in hospital instead.

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