Friday, January 01, 2016

Twenty sixteen enters with a ring-a-ding-ding

I was in bed as it hit 11:58 pm but then returned to my tablet and when I next looked up it was 12:13 am and the year was now 2016.

Wow, 2016. As a kid back in the '80s I had little concept of what 2016 would hold for us. Since the Cold War was in full flush one of those probabilities was it would be "an irradiated hellscape populated by post-apocalyptic mutants." So thinking a future of tablet computers and 3D printers seemed pointless when that world-ending spectre loomed larger.

So what has 2016 brought me thus far? Well, I'm still in the throes of moderate anxiety and so runny IBS for one and I've had to already take a bunch of meds less than 12 hours in.

But while my anxiety may have flared, inflicting physical and mental discomfort, I don't feel scared and I am not worried. Because I know I am okay and soon I will be even more okay.

Bring on 2016; the rise and rise (and rise and rise) of Mikey.


UPDATE: Happy New Year! (toot)

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