Friday, January 15, 2016

Telemedicine doesn't work if the tele is not working

I had my second assessment, the most challenging one. It was a teleconference and there were the usual suspects of dropped audio, frozen image and, at one point mid-assessment, a patch had to be downloaded from Skype then Skype had to be reloaded.

We ended up 30 minutes over time. 

It was the sort of meeting where both what was said and body language was important and the attempted telemedicine blew telechunks.

In all he made three tech support calls during the assessment. I felt for him. There were clients banking up behind me around Australia I have no doubt. 

It was brutal and I semi-crawled away from it but I feel better for it being done and I am looking forward to the next one.


UPDATE: IBS has flared, fight (slash) fight is heightened but I slept well and I had an awesome morning just hanging out with theboy doing storyverse then playing with kinetic sand. [RECOVERY IN PROGRESS]

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