Friday, January 29, 2016


My see-saw tilted and I found myself locked back in a pattern of angry yelling and pacing under the patio, my bare flat feet leaving wet imprints on the brick from the rain. 

I suppose I was due for an angry yell. I'll be returning to work soon but thinking of that meant I started down the path of angry introspection and next thing I knew I was yelling into the rain about my still bleeding hurt.

That's okay; it's all part of the recovery journey. These moments come but they come less and with less severity. Once I am back at work, with the uncertainty of the future resolved, then my stress will come down and there will be less of these moments of recurring anger and hurt.

It's stormy. I'm in the shed, listening to to the rain sheet on the roof and the rumble of thunder above and marvelling I am still here and that soon I will be back to worthy toil. 

There, I got myself back to focusing on my future and not my past.


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