Monday, January 04, 2016

Reader's Digest condensed version spawns Hyde

I came of age before the internet, when books were still large papery things you had to purchase. My parents had a set of Reader's Digest Condensed Books—where chunks of a novel is redacted for space—and I read a few of them as a child. Now, as an adult, I can't conceive of the notion of condensing a novel—it would be like destroying 30 per cent of a painting and claiming it's the same painting.

My psychologist called. She has to provide notes for my health claim and needed to discuss timelines. So I gave her a condensed overview but as I spoke of it it was as if evil had manifested and my voice started shaking. Near the end of the call I was crying and when I got off the phone I howled, runnelling tears and snot into my moustache and beard. 

Hyde took over and I went into my back brain. It was a good minute before I could literally get up off the floor where I'd been kneeling in a prayer position against my bed.

I now have the shakes, my voice is hoarse and I am fearing increased visitation from the ghosts of space outs, flashbacks and flashnows.

That's psychological injury for you. That you can be seeming well but then you relive your injury and that can drop you to the floor. 

But I got the fuck back up—and will continue to do so—each and every time I get knocked down.


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