Monday, January 18, 2016

Limp man walking

With the third appointment done I elected to walk home instead of waiting for the bus to catch another bus.

My doctor's surgery is in the next suburb and even though walking distances causes pain and discomfort if I go slow enough that pain and discomfort is minimised.

With speed not an issue I ambled. I sweated and ambled. It was a nice day out, rich with bird song and my transition lenses had kicked into sunnies mode. Even though I was favouring my good leg by about half way, with my remaining still natural right leg starting to drag, it was still okay. It took about an hour to get home.

The danger of a long walk is introspection but I found myself more in the moment—listening to birds, admiring the scenery or feeling the air on my body—instead of painful musing. Then, when I was introspecting, it was about the future and not the past. 

At the meeting I was able to talk about recovery. That my sensitivity to fight (slash) flight has dropped and incidences of heightened anxiety are less in frequency and scale. 

My focus now is what's next and not what happened—I embrace the heal.


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