Saturday, January 30, 2016

Keyboard finally died; now using Poppy's hand-me-down

The infamous keyboard which has survived many a Mikey key pound is finally dead.

I thought it had died late last year but no, it survived, and kept clicking. 

But today it died its final death when I pounded the I key so hard it spang out of the keyboard and could not click back in again.

Poppy, thewife's dad, gave us his old desktop computer. It's set up and ready to be used in the shed—I just have to set up the dongle thing that allows it to access the broadcast router.

But in the meantime I stole the keyboard from that PC and am now using it for Mr Lappy. 

It's nice being able to see all the characters again—the I key which died had all but rubbed away, as had half a dozen other characters—and have working front prongs to tilt the keyboard upward. Thought the desk has not much room and half the keyboard is hanging over the edge that's okay because I am a two-finger typer and it means my wrists aren't rubbing on anything as I type.

It is still taking some getting used to. 

Vale, finally dead keyboard for Mr Lappy. You served me well—right up to the moment I pounded your I key so hard that it popped out and couldn't go back in again.

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