Sunday, January 17, 2016

Just wafted a bee to safety with my NO ENTRY sign

A bee had inadvertently entered, you see, my domicile of man domesticity. So I braced open the shed door with a folded-up chair then gently flapped my NO ENTRY sign to encourage the poor, deluded bee to fly to bee freedom. 

As I wafted my NO ENTRY I said encouraging, calming statements like "come on, little fella" and "you can do it, mate, out you go."

It worked. 

I was very supportive of that bee in its necessity because you see within each bee burns the desire to just be free. 

Free the bees. Something to think about. 

UPDATE: theboy hid the NO ENTRY sign in the hiding tree, a tree in our yard that he can both hide in and climb. He 'hid" it in a spot I cannot reach. He told me about it as I had not noticed. I like the idea the sign is up there to tell would be roosting birds, in essence, to fuck off. Except, theboy had the sign turned the wrong way ahead and unless they're scared of a rectangle of grey metal then otherwise it's a tree that's a hotel for birds. Interesting concept, failed execution.  

UPDATE2: Used the grabber—a pick up claw—to grab the NO ENTRY sign out of the tree. Ha! Now I'm going to see if he notices. Advantage, themikey.

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